Shoes that improve pedal operation of the piano.

What kind of shoes are you wearing and playing the piano?
Perhaps you are playing the piano with the same shoes as your daily life?

In Japan, there are special shoes playing the piano.
It is a mysterious shoe that improves the pedal operation of the piano just by wearing it.

If you are a pianist, have you ever experienced the following?

  • I was in trouble because there were few shoes that were suitable for the design of the heels and dresses that are easy to pedal on the piano.
  • The heel is shaky in the left and right and is not stable.

  • The sole of the shoe was thick and I did not understand the feeling of stepping on the pedal.
  • When I walked at the concert hall, my footsteps echoed, and I was concerned about the gaze of the audience.
  • Pedaling makes your leg tired and is forced to take a break, so valuable practice hours can not be used effectively.

Patented shoes.

Using Japanese piano shoes has the following effects.

The form with raised toes is very familiar to the pedal and can wait for the performance start stylishly.

Patent acquisition!

The original heel featuring curvature can fine-tune the depth of depression of the pedal. Expand the range of music expression.

Because the original sole with grip power grasps the metallic pedal with great force, it does not slip.

This sole unique to this shoe has only a thinness of 1.8 mm. Therefore, I firmly tell the feeling of stepping on the pedal to the sole of the foot.

As footwear is unique to this shoe, the footsteps on the stage will not echo. You can behave beautifully before and after playing.

Limited sales in Japan.

Piano shoes that are patented can only be purchased at limited instruments stores in Japan.

However, many of the pianists are active in a world other than Japan.

Although mail order is also being done, correspondence to overseas is not kind.

Therefore, in order to purchase the shoes you need to visit Japan.

Part of the lineup.

I want you to use it overseas.

I think that I want you to wear this shoes not only in Japan but also overseas pianists.

For that we need a dealer to handle overseas.

Buyers interested in this shoe, please contact us.