Are you operating your assets yourself?
Can you choose the right product from many financial instruments?

Forex Trading

Forex is one of the most equitable financial instruments in the world.

We use Forex to increase our customers ‘ valuable assets. The means to operate the asset is the automated trading system developed by US and discretionary trade by a dedicated trader.

To use these services, you simply open a dedicated account and deposit funds into your account.
We cannot withdraw funds because the account is in your name.

The service fee will be deducted from the profit of the trade.
Therefore, you do not have to pay the service fee beforehand.


Trading Policy

  • Available leverage is  “1:200 “. However, no leverage is used until “1:200”.
  • In order to increase the winning percentage of the trade, we do not make any wasteful transactions.


Sign up for a service

1.Please register your account from the link below.




2.Please tell us the number of the account that has been created.
   You can contact us by using the “Contact Us” page.



Trade results

We aim to earn 20% profit per year.

We choose how to minimize the risk as much as possible.

A new automated trading logic (EA) is coming soon.
We are also preparing for the delivery of signals.




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